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How to Choose the Right Freight Forwarder Agent in Vietnam

Freight forwarders play a key role to ensure the practical transport of goods. This entails a middle entity between a sender and receiver who forms part of a freight forwarding process. Also, freight forwarding takes on the shapes of national or international freight.

How to choose the right Freight Forwarder agent in Vietnam.


Diverse logistics companies assist clients with freight forwarding. In these cases, the use of a forwarder agent provides the customer with an ease of reference. Also, the agent acts as an intermediate between the sender and receiver. In addition, negotiates between the parties to reach the better most profitable deal.

What is freight forwarding vs freight forwarder?

Freight Forwarding refers to all the related tasks related to the international trade and commodities shipping around the world, including paper works, storage arrangement, in-land transportation, insurance and warehousing.

Freight forwarder will act on behalf of ship owner and shipper (principal) to handle the considerable logistic services to make sure the shipping process going smoothly. From negotiate the freight rate to documents handling procedure, freight agent will use their Industry expertise and knowledge to reduce the transport costs and time on related matters.

​Freight forwarders will act as an intermediary between shipping lines with cargo owners. They will issue their own HBL (house bill of landing) and may act as a carrier where they issue HBL. They also negotiate rates with various carriers and arranging bids on behalf of their clients.

In a global world, companies continuously attempt to find methods to transport their goods between destinations. To achieve this goal, the logistical aspects of freight forwarding remains complex but critical. Freight forwarders engage with transport companies for example airlines, shipping, and road companies to provide a reasonable price or bid.

International VS Local freight forwarder

Sea cargo transport remains the key logistics option and most practical approach to gain access to local freight forwarding. International freight forwarding makes use of air transport because of larger distances covered between the various parties. Second, international freight agents spend more time on custom papers legally required by governments.

How to choose the right freight agent?

To identify the most reliable freight agent, check the following:

a) Check the freight agents experience and background

b) Verify if the freight agent belongs to an accredited body

c) Confirm reliability of the agent in terms of previous projects delivered

d) Ensure the freight agent consist of known connections

How freight forwarding works in Vietnam

Vietnam’s role in trade continues to grow and support an increase in development in the logistics and forwarding environment. Several of the logistic hubs fall in the South (Ho Chi Minh) and the North (Ha Noi-Hai Phong) areas. Vietnam's existing infrastructure supporting the freight forwarding industry expands rapidly. Some freight transport opportunities include air, road, water, and rail movement methods.

The freight forwarding services contribute to Vietnam’s economy and GDP at large. Types of services exist, namely:

  • Basic in and outbound services with a focus on transportation and warehouses

  • Expert services inclusive of freight forwarding custom, inventory and logistics support

Quick tips to choose the right freight forwarder in Vietnam

To find the right freight forwarder ask the agent to provide information related to:

  • Track record of similar projects delivered in the area

  • Proof of delivery in terms of logistics (when, where and how)

  • Undertake a financial credit check

  • Determine if the agent understands the customs laws associated with Vietnam (With more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam, Hoyervn has all the keys to provide a smooth process with the customs)

Top 11 freight forwarder agents in Asia

The list below provides the top 10 freight forwarder agents in Asia:

  1. Sinotrans Ltd. With headquarters in South-China, logistic centers based in Shilong, Dongguan, Phinghu, Shenzen, and Zhongshan. Various ports at Gaolan, Hong Kong and Shenzen.

  2. Kerry Logistics Network based in Hong Kong. Diversity of port locations across Asia inclusive of Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

  3. Hoyervn, Shipping Agency located in Vietnam. Our services Include: Nvocc, Forwarder, Shipping, Cargo, International Transport, Air And Sea Freight Forwarding, 3pl, and Logistic.

  4. Yusen Logistics located in Japan. Cross border trucking available between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Also, the availability of Singapore and Malaysia connections between Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi). Yusen focuses on developing markets in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

  5. AllCargo Logistics based in India. AllCargo consists of a significant port of entry network. Several countries form part of this logistics linkage namely Taiwan, Bangladesh, China, India, and Sri Linka.

  6. OOCL Logistics with its head office in Hong Kong consists of extensive coverage of networking areas inclusive of mainland China. Service routes include Intra-Asia, Asia-Europe, Trans-Pacific, and Asia-Africa.

  7. Worldwide Logistics Group based in China. Provides inbound and outbound logistics services across the world. The company also consists of offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

  8. Cargo Services Far East located in Hong Kong. The company offers a network with transporters in China, UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Singapore, and Dubai.

  9. LF Logistics based in Hong Kong offers entry points in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

  10. Nissin. Corp located in Japan. Operating from Tokyo, Japan, Nissin. Corp provides services between several countries inclusive of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

  11. CWT Ltd based in Singapore. Entry points located in Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea. CWT offers international services to the US and Europe as well.

What is the difference between freight and shipping?

Freight or cargo became known as goods dedicated to shipping transport. It refers to commercial products, and recently the term changed to include ship or air freights. Forwarding agents split goods to fall into categories, namely ship, and air. Cargo shipping receives different categories namely parcel, household, express, or freight.

Are you looking for a freight forwarder?

At Hoyer Vietnam we are committed to providing the best service and smoothest process for your cargoes and vessels calls at all ports in Vietnam:

  • Coordinating and supervision of local port agents for vessels calling for cargo operations providing regular updates on vessel’s berthing schedule, progress and performance in port.

  • Management of cost-effective third-party supply services, actively exploring and initiating cost savings.

  • Negotiation with port & terminal authorities on berthing, unberthing, pilotage, tugs & other port services where necessary.

  • Complete local information

  • Provide information on vessel schedules & all required paperwork

  • Assist master in making necessary contacts with local authorities & harbor authorities

  • Arranging stevedoring for loading/discharge operations

  • Submitting daily/weekly reports to principals.

  • Prompt and fast reactions to principals' inquiries and demands


In conclusion, freight forwarding companies provide a diversity of services to a customer looking for freight logistics support. Transport by freight companies presents the client with a diversity of local or international freight forwarding opportunities. The identification of a right freight agent allows the sender to transfer the risk to an accredited agent. Various freight forwarding companies exist, but it remains key to undertake detailed research before deciding on a freight agent.

It remains key to use freight forwarding companies who understand the cargo shipping environment and the legal requirements expected. This allows freight to reach various destinations without challenges.



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